Character Education and Classroom Management

Character Education

10 Powerful Life Principles Delivered in Question / Answer Format

The Power of Repetition

Thirty seconds for thirty days is all it takes to see dramatic results in the way your students respond to the events and circumstances of everyday life.

Guaranteed! Or your money back.

*Studies show that Character Education Programs contribute to:

  • 89% improvement in student behavior
  • 60% improvement in academic performance
  • 28% drop in suspensions

*Supporting studies: University of South Carolina's Center for Child and Family Studies, and Teachers and Teaching (a South Dakota-based study).

Just Do The Right Thing In the Classroom

Created by BRIAN FAUGHT - is a dynamic teaching program that makes "doing the right thing" second nature for students. It gives them the tools to help make the right decisions at the right times.

At the heart of the question / answer process is one goal: using the phrase "Just Do The Right Thing" to set a moral and performance standard to help create "Success in the Moment". Students live in the moment, and making good decisions now, moment by moment, establishes a vital life skill that paves the way for long term success.

Program Benefits

Character Education
10 powerful life principles, delivered in an easy to administer question / answer format. 30 SECONDS A DAY.

Classroom Management
Unique "PATTERN INTERRUPT" feature instantly redirects student behavior. A question interrupts the unwanted behavior and the answer suggests a more suitable behavior.

Student Participation
By verbalizing the answers, students are self directing, which greatly increases the chances for success.

Learn How Just Do The Right Thing Works.